Volume 4 December 2014

News Brief Dec 2014

News Briefs Hazel Crest - Good Place to Live & Do Business Hazel Crest is a good place to live and do business. If you had any doubt check out the recent edition of “Livability Chicago Southland Illinois” published by The Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce. There you’ll find not one but two Hazel Crest entities featured. Advocate South [...]

Xmas Tips

Be Responsible - Shop for What You Need Don’t Shop Until You Drop By now you’re totally immersed in the holiday season… Bombarded with messages demanding that you shop here, buy this, buy that. Messages demanding that you spend like there is no tomorrow. Well, for most of us there is a tomorrow. It’s in January. Why don’t we [...]

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Remember to Celebrate Kwanzaa

Even now, almost 50 years after it was first celebrated in 1966, many people still profess confusion about the origin and importance of Kwanzaa. Some think it is an African holiday. It’s not. Others think it is a religious holiday. It’s not. Kwanzaa is a Swahili term literally meaning, “First Fruits of the Harvest.” It grew out of the activism [...]

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Holiday Happenings in Hazel Crest

On November 20, Hazel Crest President Vernard L. Alsberry, Jr. and representatives from the Hazel Crest First Party, provided 155 turkeys to residents of Hazel Crest over the Thanksgiving holiday. He was joined by Hazel Crest First Party Candidate for Village Trustee and Village Clerk Mary Grant, and fellow Trustee Candidates Ben Ramsey and Sandra Clayton. Park District [...]

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The President’s Point Dec 2014

President’s Point As we enter into our winter months, December brings us sacred holidays of many religions. There will be many joyful festivities and gathering of families celebrating life and the creator, who each worship in their own way. As a Christian I love Celebrating Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ, our savior. It is a [...]

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