Max Solomon is at it again. The same Max Solomon who ran for Hazel Crest Village President, State Senator, State Representative , 144 School Board and South Suburban College School Board and was overwhelmingly defeated. The same Max Solomon who cost you the Village of Hazel Crest taxpayers over $60,000.00 defeating his frivolous and mean-spirited attempts to knock qualified candidates off the 2017 ballot.

                Mr. Solomon is now circulating a new referendum petition. If Solomon’s referendum passes, it will force the Village to change from our current system where all trustees run at-large, Village-wide, to a system where trustees would be elected by “districts.”

                Make no mistake – “districts” are the same as wards. In other words, Mr. Solomon wants to turn our Village into a Chicago-style ward system. Artificial boundaries would be drawn establishing several wards.

                This is a terrible idea. Our trustees are responsive and accountable to all of our citizens, regardless of what part of the Village you may live in. Right now you have 6 trustees responsive to all of you. Why would you trade that so you would only have 1 trustee representing you? Makes no sense.

                We are a strong community in large part because of our great homeowners’ associations. If ward maps are drawn, our subdivisions will likely become fractured into more than one ward. Why would you risk the strength of your HOA being broken up into 2 wards? Makes no sense.

                As a Village Board, we have always made our decisions based on what’s best for the entire Village, regardless of what part of the Village is involved in the decision. Why would we want to replace that unity with Chicago-style politics, where wards are fighting against each other, rather than looking out for the entire Village? Makes no sense.

                In my opinion, the reason Mr. Solomon is pushing his Chicago ward plan is obvious. His showing as a Village-wide candidate was terrible. He is hoping that if he can get his referendum passed, maybe he can get himself elected Trustee in a smaller district. That’s not good public policy – it is plain selfishness. Makes no sense.

                The next election is not until the March, 2018 primary. But I wanted you to know now where I stand on Mr. Solomon’s Chicago-style referendum – I am 100% opposed. If he asks you to sign his petition, think about whether you want to replace our system of Village-wide accountability with the Solomon ward system.